Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Erykah Badu

There is some controversy arising in Dallas over the new Erykah Badu music video for her song, "Window Seat". It seems that some people are not too excited about her getting down to nothing but her birthday suit in the middle of the street in downtown Dallas, TX.

We can't help it, we love her. The music video is in true Erykah Badu style. Only she could look as strong and powerful as shes does while taking her clothes off in front of complete strangers in her home city. We also love the song.

If you love Erykah as much as we do, we have a piece at the gallery by one of our artists, Debbie Klein, with the words New Amerykah on it and signed by Ms. Badu. 15% of the sale will go to The Space which is supported by Erykah.

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