Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pierce's Memorandum and Account Book

Pierce’s Memorandum and Account Book: new paintings by Benjamin Pierce

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday January 29, 2011

Time: 5p-9p (Artist in attendance)

Exhibition Dates: January 29-March 5, 2011

RISING Gallery is proud to present new paintings by Benjamin Pierce in the exhibition

Pierce’s Memorandum and Account Book. This is Pierce’s second solo exhibition

in Dallas at RISING Gallery.

After a highly successful show, The Leviathan and the Flea, in St. Louis, MO which featured some 70 pieces, Pierce has focused his attention on this new body of work. Pierce’s Memorandum and Account Book is a visual journal of the past 6 months of his life. He says, “For many, imagination is the only escape from circumstance. For those of us living in a world quick to snuff out wonder and promise, it becomes necessary to create those things for ourselves.”

Ben’s paintings, acrylic and collaged works on wood panel, welcome us into the resolutions of his surroundings. He strongly believes in the importance of the viewer to be able to find personal significance within each piece: “I hope that when you see a piece of mine, it instantly takes you back to a specific experience, good or bad, back to that person you had a crush on but never mustered up the courage to talk to, the person who broke your heart, the day when nothing could possibly go wrong, the day when nothing went right.