Thursday, February 25, 2010

Collaboration To Expand Art Off Knox

Design Within Reach features artist, Chad Petersen, in a collaborative effort to expand RISING Gallery’s Art Off Knox.

Dallas, Wednesday, March 10, 2010 — Design Within Reach and RISING Gallery announce their next collaborative exhibit, featuring RISING Gallery Artist, Chad Petersen, at Design Within Reach. The opening reception is Wednesday March 10, 2010, from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. The exhibit will run from March 10, 2010 – April 22, 2010.

The exhibit will continue to expand Art Off Knox, which promotes the arts around the Knox St. area of Dallas, Texas by bringing businesses together. RISING Gallery will soon launch to keep people informed of upcoming events. “We are very enthused about getting more involved with our neighborhood,” stated RISING Gallery director, Jamie Arendt about the project, “we are constantly working to bring awareness of the arts community here off Knox Street”.

Chad Petersen is an Oklahoma-born painter who moved to the techni-color blunderland of Los Angeles, California to study art and painting at Otis College of Art and Design. He found his earliest influences back in the midwestern plains of Oklahoma, surrounded by endless horizons, and his mother’s hobby store landscape paintings. Petersen’s ideas are often sketched on a computer, with the aid of digital photo and illustration software, and the colors are usually imitated. They are sprayed onto the surface with the aid of a rig on tracks created by the artist to steady his hand as he glides down the length of the acrylic polymer coated panel. The process is part man, part machine, and for the most part, the artist and art never really come in contact with each other. This production process reads as cold and mechanical as it actually is. At first look, one feels drawn in, and seduced by the jubilant candy colors and lazy horizontal compositions. But as the gaze continues, and the viewer approaches the work, optical tension often creates eyestrain and fatigue, and forces the viewer to look away.

Design Within Reach
4524 McKinney Ave., Suite 103
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 521-0102

RISING Gallery is located at 4631 Insurance Lane, Dallas, Texas 75205 (just off Knox between McKinney and 75). Open Tue-Fri 10a-6p, Sat 12p-4p, or by appointment. Please call 214.634.6262 for additional details, or visit

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