Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time For an Intro

Hello All,

I think it is time that I formally introduce myself. I am Jamie Arendt, the new gallery director here at Rising Gallery. I will be the one updating the blog, keeping you updated with the gallery, and posting some photos of you when you come out to our events! A little background on me: I graduated with a degree in Art History, spent two years in Los Angeles, California, at Loyola Marymount University and two years living in Austin, Texas, while attending Texas State. I am a fan of both minimalism and chaos and the odd connection between the two. I am always looking for new art/artists for the gallery so feel free to email me at anytime. If you come into the gallery I may be jamming out to some Erykah Badu or The Dead Weather.....or the Raconteurs...or any band Jack White creates. I am very blessed to have found a position here at Rising Gallery. If you haven't been into the gallery let me just tell you there is no other gallery quite like it. Being built in an old recording studio it has a very unique shape and laid back feel. Thanks to Bryan and Taber Wetz's vision a recording room once filled with matted down turquoise shag carpet, yellow stained ceiling tiles from massing cigarette smoke, and dark wood zig zag paneling has now been turned into a fabulous space for a solo or group show......if you have been into the gallery you already know what I am referring to.

All and all I couldn't be happier to be here. I look forward to chatting and sharing with you. That's all for now. Nice to meet you! :)
(and yes, that photo is of me and my parents :))

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